HSRA Member Publication

The HSRA Member Publication is a magazine full of tips, trends, resources, etc. A new publication is mailed to our members every month. 


Chapter of Home Staging by the Book

Home Staging by the Book was written by the owner and founder of HSRA and Model My Home, awarded one of the Top 10 Home Staging Companies in the US.


3 of the 39 Steps to Better your Business

When you access this free resource, you will be able to view 3 of the 39 Steps to bettering yourself as a leader. When you become a member of HSRA, you will have access to all 39 Steps. 

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5 Steps to Crushing your Elevator Pitch

You will learn the key components to cover when speaking to your dream clients in 30 seconds, why it's beneficial to grow your Staging Company, & how to use it to create your Unique Selling Point

Expert Interview with Mike Reese

In this Expert Interview, you will be hearing from Mike Reese, Co-founder at NAEA, National Association of Realtors

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Passion to Profit

Pre-Recorded Webinar

Learn how Jana Uselton, owner and founder of HSRA and Staging company, Model My Home, turned her passion into profit